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Museumplein Square

Museumplein Square The Museumplein square is a large square in the middle of all main museums of Amsterdam. It is located at the Museum quarter in the south of Amsterdam and it is often the location for big events in the city. Index 1. What is the Museumplein square? 2. What are the popular attractions? 3. Where is it

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Leidseplein Square

Leidseplein Square The Leidseplein square is one of Amsterdams main squares in the city center. It attracts thousands of visitors each day, since there is a lot to do. Index 1. What is the Leidseplein square? 2. What are the popular attractions? 3. Where is it located? 4. How to get there? 5. Trivia 6. Photos

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Rembrandtplein Square

Rembrandtplein Square The Rembrandtplein square is one of the busiest squares in the center of Amsterdam. Daily many tourists pay a visit to this centrally located square. Many trams and buses have stops at the square and the square is literally surrounded by entertainment. Index 1. What is the Rembrandtplein square? 2. What are the popular

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Pipe Area

The Pipe Area

The Pipe area The Pipe area is one of Amsterdams most popular places to live at. House prices are sky high, because the area offers a lot of entertainment for the inhabitants. But what is the touristic value of this quarter. Index 1. What is the Pipe area? 2. What are the popular attractions? 3. Popular

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Jordaan area

Jordaan Area

The Jordaan area The Jordaan area together with the Pipe area are one of Amsterdams most popular places to live at. People are struggling to find affordable houses here, since the demands are increasing the prices. These areas also are very interesting for the tourists of Amsterdam. We’ll let you know why. Index 1. What

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Albert Cuyp Market

Markets in Amsterdam

Markets in Amsterdam Amsterdam has many markets and they are a reflection of the local society. As diverse as the local people of Amsterdam are, as rich of colors, smells and looks the markets are. Some are general markets and some are speciality markets, but all have their own character. The markets in Amsterdam are

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Zaanse Schans

Surroundings of Amsterdam

Surroundings of Amsterdam Have you already seen all highlights and visited all attractions of Amsterdam? Then you probably want more and guess what… There is much more to see in the surroundings of Amsterdam. The Netherlands is a small country, so the distances are short. You can easily travel by train to see a lot. For some areas, it is even possible

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