Parks in Amsterdam

Parks in Amsterdam

Parks in AmsterdamAmsterdam has over 30 public parks spread across the city and they attract a lot of people throughout the year. The parks are used often, since many people living in Amsterdam don’t have gardens. Local people go them to walk their dog, do a morning, afternoon or evening run, having a picknick etc. Some parks even have recreational areas to swim, but these are more located outside the center.

Don’t think that the parks are only attractive to visit in the summer time, because all seasons have their own beauty. In the spring all flora and fauna is awakening from the winter. Birds are seeking partners to breed and flowers start to come out. Summer time the parks are filled with happy people, having a picknick or bbq, making music celebrating something or what so ever. This time it is hard to find unhappy people at the park. During the autumn time the parks are beautifully changing colors, to a mix of brown, orange and red leaves. Last season of the year it could happen that the parks will be covered with white snow.

Top 5 parks in Amsterdam


The Vondelpark is the most popular park of Amsterdam. Due to its location close to the Leidseplein square and many other attractions, it visited a lot. Both by inhabitants as by tourists. Daily there are many people in and around this larger park in the center of Amsterdam. The park also features an outside theater, where free concerts are held in the summer period. Special inhabitants of this park, are the wild parrots that live in the trees.

Amsterdamse bos

The Amsterdamse bos (Amsterdam forest) is an artificial forest and this is Amsterdams largest park. The park is approximately 1000 hectares large and there is a so much to do. For example there is a rowing canal, a biological farm, a climbing park, restaurants and above all a lot of greenery to hike.


In the middle of the Pipe area, you can find the Sarphati park, which is very popular among locals of this area. The park is beautifully landscaped and very neat, which makes a perfect place to have a picknick. Since the park is very close to the Albert Cuyp market, you can easily visit the park on your tour through the Pipe area.


The Westerpark is located closely to the Jordaan area at the Westergasfabriek. The park exists out of two parts, an older part and a part with a more contemporary look. Due to the location this park is very popular and it is mostly visited by young people and families. In the summer a couple of popular events and festivals are held at the newer area of this park.


The Oosterpark is one of Amsterdams parks within the city ring, in the east of Amsterdam. The park is located at the Tropenmuseum and has large grass fields, a body training area, and a lake in the middle. The park also features to art works as a memoriam for two important events in Dutch history.

Note: Although you could see people having a bbq in some parks, you need to be aware that it isn’t allowed in all parks.

Other parks in Amsterdam


This is a large park in the posh southern area of Amsterdam, close the the Amsterdam Rai and WTC. Beatixpark offers a lot of rest, with a lof greenery and without many visitors. The name of the park comes from the former queen of Holland: Queen Beatrix van Oranje-Nassau.


The Wetheimpark lies in the Jewish quarter, between the Hortus Botanicus, Artis ZOO and Jewish Historical Museum. The park is quite small and a serene tranquility is present in this centrally located park


After the Floriade of 1972 (an international horticultural exhibition), the city attempted to maintain the works of this exhibition. This is why there is such a wide variety of flora available in the park. Furthermore the Amstelpark features a mini golf, some cafes, a petting zoo, a rose garden and much more.


A park named after the famous Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn. The Rembrandtpark lies in the west of the Amsterdam city ring and is one of Amsterdams largest parks. The park is mainly visited by local people, who use the park to run, walk their dogs, have picknick and barbecues etc. Besides a lof greenery it also features playgrounds for children and a petting zoo.


Less surrounded by buildings with a more open plan, there is the Flevopark. The park is located in the eastern part of Amsterdam at the Indische buurt area. This park offers a wider variety of local native animals, so animal and nature lovers will enjoy some time at this park. Hidden somewhere in the park, you can find a hidden gem. This is a local distillery, named Distilleerderij ‘t Nieuwe Diep. This distillery brew their own gin, liquor and vodka.

Park Frankendael

Park Frankendaael is a historical estate in the east of Amsterdam, located at the Middenweg. The park has kept the feel of the 17th century, in particular due to the Huize Frankendael and the two remaining historical gardens. Besides this people can also enjoy a sunbathing lawn, a swamp and two restaurants.


The Erasmuspark is a park located in the western part of Amsterdam and it is visited a lot by local inhabitants. Here people of all ages are jogging, play a game of soccer or just have a lazy walk around the park.

Maarten Luther King park

In the River area there is the Maarten Luther King park located. The park doesn’t offer any other facilies than greenery, but it has a great view on the Amstel river.

W.H. Vliegenbos

The W.H. Vliegenbos (flies forest) lies in the northern part of Amsterdam, between the Meeuwenlaan, Nieuwendammerdijk, Nieuwendammerkade and the Zamenhofstraat. Besides the greenery the W.H. Vliegenbos features a camping and a sculpture garden in this park of 20 hectares.

Park Schinkeleilanden

Just to the west of the Olympic Stadium, there is this charming little park: Park Schinkeleilanden. People come here to jog, walk their dog or have a barbecue in the summer evenings.


With the renewal of Amsterdam North, a complete new part of  the city is developed. But laboratories and other industries of Shell needed to be removed first. Nowadays, there are new apartment complexes, a new museum with an astonishing design, some restaurants and a new city park.


This new to establish park will be created by merging the Florapark and the Volewijkspark. The park shall be named Noorderpark and will be the new city park, in the heart of Amsterdam North.

Nelson Mandelapark

Prior to the Nelson Mandelapark, this park was named the Bijlmerpark. The park is a contemporary park in Amsterdam Southeast and has a size of approximately 43 hectares. The park has a focus on sports, as there are many sport facilities to be found. Besides sports there is also a cultural focus in the park, it features the Bijlmer Theater and each year the Kwakoe Festival is held here.

Park de Oeverlanden

This park has arisen after the ground was artificially created, with sand of the Nieuwe Meer lake. It is located in the south-west of Amsterdam. At this park it is possible to skate, bike or have a walk. But visitors also like to have a swim and like to sunbath on the grass fields or beaches. The park also features some restaurants for a nice lunch or dinner.


The Sloterplas is a large recreational man-made lake in the west of Amsterdam. The lake is surrounded by a park, that has given the Sloterpark. The park is located at the Osdorpplein and offers a small harbor, a swimming pool and in the summer some dance festivals are organized here.

Gijsbrecht van Aemstelpark

Close to the Amstelpark, the city of Amsterdam has created the Gijsbrecht van Aemstelpark. It is a relatively new park, which was completed in 1968. The park offers some canals wurrounded by greenery.


The Gaasperplas is a large park of 166 hectares large. The park has paths to walk, jog and bike. Besides these paths there are also paths for horses to find. The park is a very recreational park, since there is so much to do. Visitors can play at the beach, swim in the lakes, sunbathing, fishing or just running around. It is also possible to do some water sports activities, such as surfing, canoeing etc.

In the summer months there are some very popular dance music festivals organized here, that attracts thousands of party people.


The Diemerpark is the park for people living around IJburg, which is Amsterdams artificial island. The Diemerpark is a stretched park with a lot of greenery, surrounded by water. In the park there is also a sports park situated, where they play football and hockey.