Prinsengracht Amsterdam

The Prinsengracht is one of the main canals in Amsterdam. This canal is situated in the center of Amsterdam. The Prinsengracht belongs to one of the four canals, that belong to the Grachtengordel (Canal Belt). The Prinsengracht begins at the Brouwersgracht and is parallel to the Keizersgracht.


1. History
2. Special buildings
3. Trivia
4. Location

Singel Amsterdam

Photo: mattmangum (Flickr)

1. History of the Prinsengracht

During the early Golden Age, Amsterdam has started the construction of this canal. This happened around 1610 and was an initiative of the mayor of Amsterdam. He named the canal to the Prince of Oranje.

Around 1660 Amsterdam started the construction of the next section of the canal. This was the part between the Leidsegracht and the Amstel River.

The Prinsengracht has two extensions, those are named Korte Prinsengracht and Nieuwe Prinsengracht.

Singel Poezenboot

Photo: eigene Aufnahme (Wikimedia)

2. Special buildings

Along the canal you can find many beautiful and markable sights. Below are the most special sights that you can find along the Prinsengracht.

– Papeneiland at number 2-4.
– Van Brienenhofje at number 89-133.
– The Anne Frank House in 1635 at number 263.
– Palace of Justice from 1829 at number 436.
– The Prinsengracht Hospital at number 769.
– Noorderkerk near number 18
– The Westerkerk at number 281.
– Amstelveld near number 1055.
– Church De Duif at number 756.

3. Trivia

Since 1981, takes place annually in August, the Prinsengracht place on a pontoon for Hotel Pulitzer.

4. Location

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