Oeverpark Amsterdam North

The view over the IJ-water

The Oeverpark could be interesting for those who love to have a quiet walk, outside the crowded city center. The park is just a few minutes with the ferry, from the Central Station, to the North-side of Amsterdam. The park offers a great view over the IJ-water, surrounded by a museum some restaurants. It also has a promenade of approx. 500 meters along the IJ-water.

What would you like to know?

  1. What is the Oeverpark?
  2. What can you do at the Oeverpark?
  3. Where is it the Oeverpark located?
  4. How to get to the Oeverpark?
  5. Trivia
  6. Video and photo impression of the Oeverpark


1. What is the Oeverpark?

The park is relatively new in Amsterdam, and was before in use by the oil company Royal Dutch Shell. For several decades they used it for their head office and some research activities. In the ’90s the municipality and Shell made a deal to transform the area.

2. What can you do at the Oeverpark?

Since the park is not too big, it isn’t hard to imagine that there isn’t much to do. Like any park obviously, you can just have a moment for yourself and just enjoy the scenery. Of course the big plus of this park, is that you can endlessly stare at the boats passing by on the water. Local people like to do the same. They come with their own chairs, some food, some drinks and just relax for hours and hours.

The park also features some extras. So when you are tired of relaxing and just doing nothing, then you can choose to do something else. This way you can easily spend an afternoon at the Oeverpark.


A’DAM LOOKOUT located at the former Shell tower, which located in the Oeverpark. The tower has 20 floors and on the top floor, at approx. 100 meters height, you’ll find the attraction. Here you’ll have the best 360 view of the city and it’s surroundings.
Unfortunately the entrance to the top is not free, they ask a fee of € 12,50 for this magnificent view. Which can be bought here in advance to secure your spot.

Over The Edge

A part of the A’DAM LOOKOUT is “Over The Edge”. This is the highest swing in Europe, swinging over the edge at a height of 100 meter! So this attraction is for daredevils only…

Be aware that they charge an extra fee of € 5,00. Tickets for Over The Edge can be found here.

A’DAM LOOKOUT video impression

A short impression of the A’DAM LOOKOUT with its 360 view, and its Sensational Swing on a height of 100 meters!

Eye Film Museum

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EYE Film Museum video impression

EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam


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Tolhuystuin video impression

3. Where is the Oeverpark located?

The park is located in the North of Amsterdam, at the following address:
IJpromenade 1 (1031 KT, Amsterdam)


4. How to get to the Oeverpark?

By foot

You’ll have to take the ferry, which can be found on the North-side of the Central Station.

By public transport

No need to take public transport. The park is located on the opposite of the Central Station (north-side), across the ‘IJ’-water. You can get there with the main ferry-line to the North of Amsterdam. The ferry is free to use, and because of the great views an attraction on itself!

By car

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5. Trivia

Did you know there are about 30 different elms planted at the park?

6. Gallery of the Oeverpark

Time is valuable, especially on a holiday. Below you can find some photos and videos of this point of interest in Amsterdam. All to provide an complete idea of the park and whether you should visit this or not.