Singel Amsterdam

The Singel canal is a canal that is situated in the center of Amsterdam. The Singel is part of Amsterdam’s Canal Belt and runs parallel to the Herengracht canal. The Singel starts at the Munt square and ends up into the IJ river. The length of the canal is approximately 2 kilometers long. There are a total of 11 bridges connecting both sides of the canal with each other.


1. History
2. Special buildings
3. Trivia
4. Location

Singel Amsterdam

Photo: mattmangum (Flickr)

1. History of the Singel

Amsterdam has began in the year 1428 with the excavation of the first part of the canal. More than twenty years later, they continued the excavation and dug further to the Amstel river. In the 17th century the canal was temporarily changed in to ‘Koningsgracht’ (in English: Kings canal). The Koningsplein (in English: Kings Square) still referrers to this name change. This square is close to the Bloemenmarkt (in English: Flower market) at the Singel.

Singel Poezenboot

Photo: eigene Aufnahme (Wikimedia)

2. Special buildings

Singel has many beautiful features. That’s why this canal is a part of the UNESCO Worlds Heritage List. Along the canal are a lot of canal houses, with the most amazing gables. Along the canal you will also find one of the most famous markets of Amsterdam. Below are the most special sights along the Singel.

– Kalvertoren;
– University Library of Amsterdam;
– Bloemenmarkt;
– Merchant house Odeon;
– Singelkerk;
– Krijtberg;
– Singel 428;
– Bushuis;
– The Round Lutheran Church;
– A small red light district;
– Poezenboot;
– The narrowest house in the world;

3. Trivia

The Muntsluis under Muntplein is the last bridge before the Singel canal empties into the river Amstel. In Amsterdam’s system of numbering of the bridges, this bridge has appointed number 1.

4. Location

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